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Terpene Rolling Mix


Terpene Rolling Mix

The terpene rolling mix features the aromatic & functional flavour profiles from the renowned Blueberry Haze, Pineapple Express or Jack Here strains. This range has been created by extracting the notes of popular hemp strains and infusing it with Holy Roly’s signature rolling blend. For those looking to customize their smoking experience, our 2g Holy Roly Terpene Infusions come in branded glass jars that preserve both the herbs and the terpene profiles. These are an excellent way to have a smoother smoking experience.

Please note the rolling mix is NOT CANNABIS, this is a flavourant which gives the flavour of cannabis srains. These are a great alternative smoking choice for those who want to a tobacco free smoke with natural herbs.

Infused Pre-Rolls

We have added Infused Pre-Rolls as an option if you would like to try pre-rolls of Rolling Mix. These pre-rolls are mixed with our Green Cocktail Rolling Mix to give you the benefits of both terpenes and a broad spectrum CBD smoking product.

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