Kushmas Gift Box for the Health Nut


Try our curated Kushmas Gift Box for the Health Nut.

We’ve curated an Elevated Kushmas gift guide just for you. 

Meet Jade; she is 36, engaged and works in HR in Joburg. She enjoys Pilates and going to the gym, taking walks in the park with her dog and a G ‘n T at brunch with the girls.

She is looking for healthy ways to get Elevated, improving her workout recovery. She also likes tasty snacks that are low in calories and wants something for her furry friend. Her tolerance level is a 3/5, and she is interested in trying out some CBD products. 

Gift budget: R1000- R2000

  • Critical Extracts Recovery CBD Oil to help with her workout recovery – Regular price is R450.
  • Infused Gummies Pack of 30 as a tremendous low-calorie edible – Regular price is R130.
  • Infused Gin 250ml to share with her friends at brunch or make her own low calorie infused snacks and cocktails – Regular price is R220.
  • Infused Rocky Road Pack of 2 because if you’re going to break the diet, it should be for these – Regular price is R200.
  • Baked CBD dog biscuit Pack of 10 – to keep her fury baby calm over the festive season – Regular price is R100

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What is the dosage?


Dosage per serving
Total dosage
N/ACritical Extracts Recovery CBD Oil – 600mg CBD Only
Infused Gummies Pack of 30 – 300mg
Infused Gin 250ml  – 100mg
Infused Rocky Road Pack of 2
Baked CBD dog biscuit Pack of 1 – 5mg CBD Only


How much should I have?

I enjoy infused products…

My first time / Occasionally
2x per month
4x per month+

Wondering what Kushmas is?

The Saturday before Christmas Known to be the "pot-smoker's Christmas". A day completely devoted to spending time getting high with friends, getting completely stoned and eating "Mass-Munchies".

Click here for more information from the Urban Dictionary

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Kushmas Gift Box for the Health Nut
Kushmas Gift Box for the Health Nut
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