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Infused Gummy Bears


Enjoy our Infused Gummy Bears

The Gummy Bears were introduced in December 2020 and have become our most popular product. Each pack has 30 gummy bears, with each bear containing 10mg. The Pack of 30 makes this an excellent way to enjoy infused gummies through the whole month, as you can microdose and enjoy one or two bears at a time.

Recommended consumption

  • First time/Infrequent: 1 Serving
  • Consistent (2x a month) : 2 Serving
  • Frequent (4x a month):  3 Servings

Want to try something a bit stronger? We recommend trying the Infused Gummies Pack of 5.

Are you new to edibles? Click here to know more about the dosage guide from Leafly.

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