Infused Baths


Infused Baths with The Green Easy

Our bath products provide muscle and joint pain relief when you soak yourself for up to 30 minutes. Enjoy a warm soak in a rejuvenating combination of CBD, essential oils, Epsom salt, and natural aromatic fragrances.  Take your bathing to the next level with our relaxing THC-free Infused Baths.

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How to use Infused Bath Bombs and Bath Salts

These Infused baths typically contain CBD oil in combination with essential oils and fragrances. Together these pro

Using them requires the following steps:

  1. Fill up a bathtub with hot water
  2. Once full, drop the bath bomb/salts into the bath
  3. Wait for it to dissolve
  4. Get in the bath
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Infused Baths
Infused Baths
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