Green Easy was founded in Johannesburg in 2018. We attended Cannabis Expo 2018, and we were surprised and excited by the industry size at those early stages, especially so soon after the decriminalisation of cannabis. We attended the Expo as good friends and were so inspired we left as business partners. We founded The Green Easy to cater to a more inclusive audience than those served at that first Expo.

Our first event in December was a bachelorette party, our second event was a women’s book club meeting. From there, we quickly grew and participated in events across Johannesburg. We really established ourselves and learned many lessons at Green Market Melville and the Green Sesh in Alberton.

We owe much of our early steps to companies and people who took a chance on us when we were simply an idea. We thank GoProGrower, Plus Size Black Diamonds, Roving Bantu Kitchen, Blaque Bistro, Coco from Pussy Party, Jeff from Green Market Melville and our first customers.

Today we are primarily found online and participate in select events in Gauteng. We are proud to have shipped products to all 9 provinces and across borders to Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Our goal is to create an inclusive, safe, convenient world where cannabis is good for all. We hope you will join our journey, and we can Elevate Your Next…